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Political Science 3N06 Practice Test II inferential.doc

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Political Science
Todd Alway

Political Science 3N06 Inferential Statistics Practice TestThe test on March 19 will assess your understanding of all the material that we have covered to this pointin particular the lectures covering Chapters 510 of the Healey and Prus textbookThe test will have a format similar to what followsDO NOT EXPECT TO SEE THESE EXACT QUESTIONS ON THE REAL TESTMoreover you could be tested on concepts that are not covered by this sample testIf a concept was covered in class or in the textbook it is fair gameWe will take up the answers to these questions in class on March 13however the answers will not be posted on AvenueSection 1 of the test will evaluate your comprehensionYou will be required to answer 1 short answer question structured similar to well actually exactly the same as what followsThis section of the test will be worth 10 out of a total of 50 marksDescribe in your own words the logic of inferential statisticsIn doing so explain the importance of the null hypothesis sampling distributions type I error type II errorYour answer does not need to be more than one or two paragraphs longSection II will require you to calculate and interpret answers to 2 questionsYou will be 1
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