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Final exam part 1/2

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Political Science
Karen Bird

ARTICLESWEEK 2 Arguments for womens representation in politics formal descriptive and substantive representationMANSBRIDGE should blacks represent blacks and women represent women A contingent yes disadvantaged groups gain advantages from descriptive representationdescriptive representation helps create a social meaning of ability to rulewhen descriptive representation involves costs in other values paying those costs makes most sense in these historical contextsdescriptive representation is not always necessary but rather the best approach is contextualrepresentation is in part a deliberate processdescriptive representation usually furthers the substantive representation of interests by improving the quality of deliberationsystems of representation also have externalities recognizing these externalities should alert us to past denigration of a groups ability to rule and contexts of low current legitimacydescriptive representation usually produces benefits that extend throughout the political systemPITKIN Standing for descriptive representationAn entirely different view of representation emerges from writers who approach the concept from a different angleWhat such an approach often produces is the view that a representative body is distinguished by an accurate correnspondence or resemblance to what it represents by reflecting it without distortionThe view f representation we have been discussing does not allow for an activity of representing except in the special and restricted sense of making representationsIt may be desirable to have such an activity carried out by representatives but carrying it out is not representing representing here can at most mean being typical or resemblingRepresenting involves no action at all but only characteristicsRepresenting is not something that can do well of bad
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