POLSCI 2M03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Adverse Selection, Risk Pool, Market Failure

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Discuss the role of civil society in promoting democratic participation and representation. Interest groups: interest groups are a group of people with a common goal in changing public policy. Pluralism - variety of groups and voices represented - is not a level playing eld. Corporatism - smaller number of groups with more in uence - it is a level playing eld. Implementation of regulations - when laws are inconsistent with constitutional rights. It is not about changing the politicians mind but to direct public opinion in the groups favour. Role of civil society in promoting democratic participation. Free and fair election process and voting system that can secure the dignity and self esteem of its voters. Advocate for transparency and accountability between society and government. Working together with the government to defend human rights. De ne framing: framing focuses public attention on certain aspects of issues to affect opinion.