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McMaster University
Joe Kim

Development In-Class Lecture  Interactions between science, media and public can lead to erroneous beliefs  Case that babies born with full head of hair are said to cause heartburn in mother  Four Loko Effect o Price isn’t a factor o 12% Alcohol content is normal as well as caffeine o Psychologist believed unusual flavor responsible  Four Loko Effect from perspective of Developmental psychologist o Who are the students- are some students drinking it more than others o Possible that alcohol-abuse is a factor due to a genetic factor (predisposed to become alcoholic) o Longitudinal study done which tracks alcoholism across generations to determine whether children will become alcoholics  Children may show different results when taken for first time  High response means less likely to become alcoholic  Lower response means more likely to become alcoholic  Problems w/ preference method o Experimenter bias o Within minutes of being born, babies like looking at face-like stimuli (natural)  Sex and Gender o Experiments done in 1970’s to test whether parents identified gender of babies based on typical stereotypes o Observed how parents behaved w/ baby based on their stereotypes o Babies w
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