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Joe Kim

1) Whorf Sapir question - which of the following counters the hypothesis? A: alien look at one word and generalize it to all but can differentiate between them. 2) bell + light less than light alone bell + light more than bell alone A: Light = CS+ ; bell = CS- 3) Shown A+, get no shock; Shown F, get shocked - what are the independent and dependent variables? A: independent: CS, dependent: CR CR always depends on CS/US. Since it was said this was without the shock (absence of US) then it is CR depends on CS. 4) Deductive reasoning A: general to specific noted that animals with ___ are mammals. Therefore whales are mammals. 5) Relationship and arm length question; which of the following is true A: closer r = 0, can conclude they have no effect on each other Wrong answers: r = +1 (strong correlation) causes the difference r = -1 causes the difference Causation doesn’t not equal correlation* 6)For the first 10 seconds it was stimulus one. Stimulus question (the one with the S1 and S2 crap) (can’t remember it exactly) A: instrumental discrimination training: because there was an award It was sd (when it is off because no award) and positive reinforcement because it decreases after s2 is lowered or something like that... 7) hamster is named bob. Saw another hamster and pointed at it and said that’s bob! A: overextension 8) Mild electric shock, now siblings are scared of door knobs, how do you get them scared of one specific door though? A: discrimination training 9) Which of the following is correctly matched - language question A: Productivity: numerous combinations can be made 10) cognitive behavioural therapists, which one is the correct APA format? A: the APA format with the title that includes negative schemas 11) alarm clock question from online 12) you are in a within subjects, double blind study - what would you get? A: get both control + independent variables & you and the experimenter don't know which one is which 13) Best control group for alcohol study? A: get a beverage w/ no effects; exact same conditions as experimental group 14) biggest differen
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