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Question 1 11 pointMullers research on the physiology of the brain contributed to psychology in which way Nerve impulses from adjacent body regions connect to adjacent A areas of the brain Nerve impulses traveling from specific areas of the brain to B different body regions do so at a rapid rate Nerve impulses traveling along different channels in the body C demonstrated that the brain is connected to different parts of the body to perform specific functions By impairing the function of specific brain regions you could D conclude which areas of the brain control different body functions View Feedback Question 2 11 pointWhich of the following would best explain why an evolutionary psychologist believes depression exists in a population Undergoing psychotherapy results in decreased alienation from A your closest friends and relatives B Symptoms of depression become much less severe with age C Increased peer support leads to increased survival Individuals being treated with medication are able to function the D same as nondepressed individuals View Feedback Question 3 01 pointWhich of the following would best exemplify a reaction from John B Watson to parents who believe that nothing can be done about changing the ways of their delinquent child He would agree and claim children are a function of heredity and A modification is not an option He would disagree with them and claim any behaviour of any child B can be successfully modified He would claim that certain methods can be used to modify C behaviours but there are limitations to such methods He would claim that understanding the relationships the child has D can point to the reasons for misbehaviour View Feedback Question 4 01 pointWhich of the following is the most important reason as to why certain standards of ethics were developed Animals deserve to be treated in the same manner as humans are A treated during scientific research Ethical procedures are vital for ensuring the legitimacy and B empirical accuracy of scientific practice Experimenters run the risk of being sued by participants if not for C ethical standards Certain research projects may mentally andor physically harm D participants View Feedback Question 5 01 pointWhich of the following is the best example of the sociocultural perspective Collecting observations on how individuals attend to information A about people they interact with in work settings compared to social outing settings Collecting observations about how individuals speak to colleagues B at work compared to how they speak to friends on a night out Collecting observations on hormone fluctuations when interacting C with colleagues versus interacting with friends on a night out Collecting observations on how past workplace experiences and D social outings during ones life have shaped how individuals react differently to colleagues at work and friends on a night out View Feedback Question 6 11 pointIn which of the following scenarios would you use an fMRI over a CT scan The family of a patient with severe brain trauma is complaining A that a CT scan is too invasive and has requested another option A patient thought to have brain cancer requires neuroimaging to B detect the presence of malignant tumours An experiment investigating the relationship between enlarged C ventricles and presence of schizophrenia requires subjects to undergo neuroimaging Doctors must pinpoint the source of the massive electrical D activation causing severe and debilitating seizures before they can treat their patient View Feedback Recall Question 7 01 pointWhich of the following statements about a strong behaviourist perspective in psychology is correct Behaviourists believe external influences are more important to A development than genes The goal of a behaviourist is to seek to understand the B physiological mechanisms of behaviour While acknowledging other perspectives as acceptable C behaviourists believe overt behaviour is most important Behaviourists utilize an individuals behaviour in order to D understand the workings of the black box the mind View Feedback Question 8 11 pointWhich of the following statements best describes the views presented in the introductory web moduleBehaviourists study only overt behaviour to understand the human A being Advanced functional neuroimaging provides strong structural B detail of the brain Wilhelm Wundt established the first psychology lab in North C America Developmental psychologists study the development of species D through generations View Feedback Question 9 11 pointWhich of the following statements accurately describes a level of analysis The cognitive approach may consider a persons maladaptive ways A of thinking about their environment The environmental approach may consider how a persons positive B interactions with their teacher affect their resiliency to negative events The neuroscience approach may consider how drug use affects C neurotransmitter levels in the brain The psychological approach may consider what selective D advantages could have influenced a persons attraction to those with rosy cheeks View Feedback Question 10 11 point
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