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Evolution I & II – Live Lecture • Look at Evolution & Human behaviour • Look at evolutionary history over a thousand of years • How Physical characteristics (neck size in giraffe, how fast you can run) can be passed down • How Psychological constructs (memory, attention,) can be passes on Reproductive Fitness • How many off spring do you have? • Outcome variance perspective • going to be variability • not everyone is going to have the same success • Mean – middle number of kids • Most people are pretty close there isn’t a lot of variance • High variance – more people with lower quality of outcome , more people with higher outcome • may underlie how males and females approach behaviour Psychology is really a box model Input  Mechanisms  output 1. Behaviour = psychological mechanism +input • Input = environmental influences working on psychological mechanisms on your mind, driving particular behaviours we observe 2. Evolve psychological mechanism are coded in the brain • Open to selective pressures, and may differ between genders 3. Evolved psychological mechanism can be described as information processing Sex differences in romance: 1. Genes and Family resemblance • Newborns faces look roughly like mother & father • The first spontaneous reaction to a new born is that people say that the baby resembles the father.. WHY? • Mother and family members say babies look more like the father – there is no uncertainty that the baby is the mother (she carried it for 9 months and gave birth to it ) the same certainty is not in the father • If you’re not the father – why put effort and resources into that baby?? • Approach from family & mother to keep the father around 2. Thought experiment : looking for love What would you look in a potential mate? i. Common interests ii. Needs a job iii. Attractive iv. Sense of humour v. Faithful vi. Physical attractiveness Females: Resource potentials ($) Males: More specific responses – certain characteristics 3. Romance in the friend zone ? • Study done at McMaster ; undergrad students were paired up with a person of the opposite sex and then were asked a series of questions about them. The table below shows the general findings Men Women Are you attracted to your Yes No friend ? Is your friend attracted to Yes No you ? Would you like to date Yes No them ? • Have differences in how people approach situation . • Misattribute of how others feel because you like them Different adaptive problems : 1. Metabolic demands of reproduction • Sperm easily produced, compared to eggs 2. Parental investment • Most of the existence of human species people struggle to get calories and to pass genes to next generation • Once new born arrives they strategize on how much the baby would cost to be born 3. Genetic cuckoldry • How can you be sure it is your baby? • Olden days the father can never be 100% sure they are the father • Very difficult to study b/c of birth co
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