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Module 3 Neuroscience 1 notes made from text

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Joe Kim

psych1xx3 Jan 27, 14 Module 3: Neuroscience I Textbook  Both structural + functional aspects of the brain is required  CNS: brain + spinal cord (both encased in bone) • Brain:  makes up 2% of body weight  2 types of cells: ♦ glial cells - provide structure and nourishment (*glial cells outnumber nuerons) ♦ neurons  PNS: all the remaining nerve tissue in body  Consciousness and Awareness (tied together)  Descartes (dualist) - body is a machine, following physical laws of physics while the mind is non-physical entity • seat of soul - pineal gland  Epilepsy and the Split Brain  Epilepsy - chronic disorder, recurring seizures (split-brain) • seizure causing activity begins in one hemisphere of the brain and spreads to other hemisphere over the corpus callosum • Experiments on split-brain patients:  Hemispheric specialization - principle that different sides of the brain perform different functions.  Image shown to left visual field - can't name the image (left brain - controls speech)  Image shown to right visual field - can name the image, but can't pick up the object ( right brain - left hand controlled) psych1xx3 Jan 27, 14  Divisions of the NS - The central and PNS  CNS: brain (skull) + spinal cord (vertebral column)  PNS: nerve fibers not in bony protection, collection of nerves and peripheral ganglia outside the CNS  Fibers carry info from CNS - PNS: efferent nerve fibers  Fibers carry info from PNS - CNS: afferent nerve fibers  The Somatic and Autonomic Nervous Systems  PNS into two parts: • SNS: sensory info (eyes, ears, sense of touch) + voluntary controls (movements of muscles) • ANS: involuntary controls (outside of awareness and consciousness), such as pupil of the eye, GI tracts, blood vessels..etc  ANS divided to 2 parts: ♦ sympathetic division:  Prepar
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