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Midterm 2 Practice Questions

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Jennifer Ostovich

Piaget • Describe the maturationist perspective. • Describe the two ways of adapting to new information: assimilation and accommodation. • What are the 3 characteristics of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development? • List the 6 substages of the sensorimotor stage, and they ages they occur at. • What is the difference between a primary, secondary and tertiary circular reaction? • What does the Rovee-Collier mobile experiment demonstrate? • Describe Piaget’s view on the development of object permanence in the sensorimotor stage. • Name 1 strength and 3 weaknesses of the pre-operational stage. • At which stage do kids succeed in the class inclusion task? • What does the pendulum task demonstrate? • List 2 overall strengths and 2 overall weaknesses of Piaget. Sociocultural Perspective • Describe Lev Vygotsky’s theory. How does culture influence cognitive development (3 ways)? • Define the following terms: - Intersubjectivity - Guided participation - Zone of proximal development - Scaffolding • How is scaffolding different in Turkey, USA, India and Guatemala? Information Processing • What are the three information processing goals? • Describe how information moves through the sensory memory, working memory and long-term memory. • Blass et al.’s experiment with stroking newborns’foreheads and giving them sugar solution showed that classical and operant conditioning are effective in infants. How does this compare to Piaget’s theories about memory? • List 3 features of information processing that get better as
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