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McMaster University
Richard B Day

Chapter 1Abnormal Psychology An Overview Family aggregation whether a disorder runs in the familyNo universal agreement on what abnormalitydisorder is o A prototype is adopted to assess the degree of abnormality The Elements of Abnormality 1 Suffering suffer psychologically eg depression 2 Maladpativeness interferes w wellbeing and ability to enjoy workrelationships 3 Deviancy away from the norm determined thru value judgments 4 Violation of standards of society when people fail to follow conventional socialmoral rules depending on magnitude and commonality of violation 5 Social discomfort violating a social ruleuneasinessdiscomfort 6 Irrationality and unpredictabilitySociety is constantly evolving and changingdefinition of abnormality can changeStigma disgrace attached to receiving a psychiatric diagnosisStereotyping automatic beliefs people have about others based on knowing one thing about themSymptom single indicator of a problem can involve affect behaviour and cognitionSyndrome groupcluster of symptoms that all occur togetherDSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders o Doesnt refer to causes of mental disorders o Rules out behaviour that is culturally sanctioned o Mental disorder a clinically significant behaviouralpsychological syndrome or patternCulturespecific disorders forms of psychopathology found in only certain areas o Taijin Kyofusho found in Japan anxiety disordermarked fear that bodypartsfunctions may offend or embarrass others o Ataque dehervios LatinoCarribbeanMediterranean triggered by a stressful eventuncontrollable screamingcryingPerson returns to normal wout memoryAbnormal behaviour behaviour that deviates from norms of society enacted inEpidemiology study of distribution of diseases disorders in a given populationPrevalence number of active cases in a population during any given period of timePoint prevalence estimated proportion of actual active cases of disorder in population at given time o Oneyear prevalencecount people who suffered from disorder at any time during the year higher than point prevalence bc cover long timeLifetime prevalence estimate of how many people had suffered from a particular disorder at any time in their lives higher than other kids of prevalenceIncidence number of new cases that occur win a time period exclude existing onesComorbidity presence of 2 disorders in the same person o Higher in people w severe mental disordersPeople dont like to seek help bc of access to mental health servicesattitudes about itChapter 2Historical Views of Abnormal Behaviour Chinese Egyptians Hebrews and Greeks thought a demon or god had taken control of the person goodbad spiritsHippocratesbelieved brain was central to intellectivity and mental disorders were due to brain pathology o 3 categories mania melancholia phrenitis brain fever o With Galen thought the 4 elements of earth combined to form 4 humours essential fluids in the bodyblood phlegm bile black bileCombined in diff proportions w diff individuals most dominant humour led to main temperament of the personPlatothought psychological phenomena was responses of the whole organism reflecting internal state and natural appetites even partly divineAristotleheld the view that thinking would eliminate pain and attain pleasureHysteria conversion disorder wandering uterus in the human bodyMelancholia depression many different forms in men and womenGalenmade contributions to anatomy of the nervous system animal dissectionMass madness groups of people were affected simultaneously by hysteria psychogenic o Cases were related to the terrible events in this period environmental triggerTarantism uncontrollable impulse to dance that was attributed to the bite of a tarantula or wolf spider Saint Vitus Dance in GermanyLycanthropy people believed themselves to be possessed by wolves and imitate behaviourExorcisms symbolic acts performed to drive out the devil from possessed peopleParacelsustreatment by body magneticism hypnosis o Convinced moon had supernatural influence over brainlunatic
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