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Richard B Day

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Abnormal Psych: Introduction Notes Criteria of Abnormality: Statistical Criterion Sociocultural Criterion Adjustment Criterion Personal Disturbance Criterion Extreme deviations Violations of Danger to self and Symptoms cause from statistical norms social/cultural others concern for expectations individual Normal distribution curve - Disorders vary across time/culture Models of Psychopathology: Medical Model Caused by physical problem Dominant model Treatment: pharmaceuticals Psychodynamic Model Caused by unconscious conflicts of ID and EGO Treatment: bring conflict into consciousness Candidate Disorders: - Anxiety - Dissociative - Somatophorm Behavioural Behaviours are the disorder, no underlying problem Treatment: changes reward condition by extinction or relearning Candidate Disorders: - Anxiety Sociocultural Caused by social pressures (poverty, low socioeconomic levels Treatment: change external conditions Candidate Disorders:
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