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Richard B Day

Psych 2B03 Notes In lecture, I talked about the role of simile and metaphor in scientific theory. Among other things I suggested:  It is hard to choose the ‘right’ theory in personality, since different theories may simply be using different metaphors to describe the same psychological processes.  Some metaphors (e.g. computer) seem more scientific and ‘rgith’ than others (dynamics of the id and ego).  It is usually impossible to translate the concepts in any theory into the metaphor systems of other theories. In comparing psychodynamic and behavioral approaches to personality, we note:  Both approaches agree that past experiences can dramatically affect an individual’s current personality.  The behavioral approach, but not the psychodynamic, sees personality as the sum total of an individual’s behavior, rather than as something inside the individual.  The psychodynamic approach places more emphasis on the role of the person, rather than the situation, in explaining an individual’s behavior. It is fair to say that hypothetical constructs:  Are more likely to appear in sociology and psychology than in sciences, like geology or astronomy that rely on less theory.  Refer to entities or processes which may or may not have any physical existence. Jung argued that complexes:  Cause the individual to use substantial amounts of libido in activities and thoughts related to the theme of the complex.  Are very likely to develop around archetypal images or themes. The impo
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