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Jennifer Ostovich

Introduction07052013 133300CONTACT INFROMATIONProf Dr OstovichEmail jmostovichmcmastercaExaminations1 midterm 1 finalWhatever you get better on is 55 other is worth 45 Research methods will be tested cumulatively What is Social PsychologyThe scientific study of how peoples affect behaviors and cognitions are influences by the presence of at least one other person Basically any situation you are not completely alone even when your alone when your texting or driving that is still a social situationABCs of psychology affect behaviors cognitionsVery broad range of topicConformityPersuasionGroup BehaviourPrejudiceSexualityAggressionThe Scientific MethodObservationTheoryYou observe something in the real world and develop a hypothesis and have predictions based on your hypothesis and test the idea by designing a specific experiment If it fails to conform to the hypothesis modify the hypothesis and tests again Research does not actually prove stuff We use statistics to prove things hence nothing proves anything In science fact can only mean confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent Stephen Jay Gould Strictly speaking no hypothesis or theory can ever be proven When we say we believe a theory what we really mean is that we are unable to show that the theory is wrongnot that we are able to show beyond itWays of Testing HypothesisData Collection DecisionsTradeoff between 1 Control aka internal validityAre the findings real or a fluke due to uncontrolled factors Can we say that x caused y2 Generalizability aka external validityCan the findings be applied to others or are the relevant only to the group being studied As a result we need to test things in the lab and in the real world eg See aggression in children through observing in a playground and then bringing children into a lab and doing a controlled experiment to see what you learn Listed in order of which experiments have more control Generalizability works the opposite waysLab experimentQuasi and field experimentsCorrelation studies includes survey researchField observational studies Thats youre trade off the more control you have the less generalizability you have Research QuestionHow are two or more variables relatedMethodologies UsedSurveys eg personality correlated with behaviour PreExisting Data eg elevation level and athletic achievementeg cloud cover and amount of rainCorrelations
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