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Jennifer Ostovich

Asch: Conformity (unambiguous situations) Friday,May 24,2013 3:16 PM • Experiment: Lacks mundane realism but has experimental realism Question • Will you comply to a groups norm even though you know they are wrong? Background • Line judgments are very obviously 1 of 3 answers = unambiguous scenario Method • Youare the 6th subject from the left in a row of 7 confederates. • Asked to look at a standard line and judge what comparison line it is most similar to • On the 28 control trials the confeds will say the correct answer • On the 12 experimental trials all 5 confeds ahead of you agree with the wrong answer ○ Were very very confident in their answers (indirectly coercive) IV • Subjects were alone (baseline) vs. a group (experimental) DV • %accuracy (alone vs. group) • %conformity (group) Result • %accuracy ○ When alone you get 99% correct (unambiguous scenario) ○ When in the group you get 66% correct (allowed the group to influence you to say the wrong answer) • %conformity ○ 33% conformed on the majority of the experimental trials (7+/12) ○ 25% never ever conformed on the experimental trials (0/12) ○ 75% conformed to at least one of the experimental trails (1/12) Conclusion • Normative influence due to complying to the public norm • Youconform to group pressure because you want to fit in with the group and don't want to be embarrassed to go against aunanimous, confident group • Most people tell the truth, but 33% of smart uni students conformed to the population's obviously wrong answer • Durability ○ Nota durable behaviour because you went back to your own opinion when alone ○ Notinternalization • Variations ○ CrazyConfederate □ Fear of embarrassment is a major coercive power for c
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