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Quicksheet - Midterm 1; Lec 1-6

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Brett Beston

PSYCH 2TT3 2013 QuicksheetLecture 1 Ethologystudy of animal behaviourAction Patternscomplex behaviours that are stereotyped repeated same way and carried to completion everytime o Eg Beewolfcircle nest in widening circle before flying away to huntNiko Tinberg removed landmarks disorient beewolfProximate what how mechanismwhat produces or triggers behaviour immediate stimuli developmentUltimate why functionfunction of behaviour survival function evolutionary historyEg Plumage Color in FinchesoProximatered coloration in males due males seeking out to carotenoidrich foods Positive correlation between father and son coloration o Ultimatered coloration in males positively correlated with mating success attracts mates 23xfasterBenefits of coloration 1 recovery from infection 2 care for offspring 3 offspring coloration fitter offspring o Variation due to proximate and ultimate causesMales seek out carotenoid rich foods proximate causes withinpopulation variationMales who can afford to seek out carotenoid food instead of energy must be better qualityFemales estimate male quality based on colorHormones o Eg Males with lower testosteronecare for offspring more probably monogamous o Eg Rat Spatial Memoryshock induces stress and corticosterone release corticosterone takes affect after 30 mins and impairs memory cannot find platform in water maze if shocked 30 mins before put in maze metyrapon blocks corticosterone can find platform if give metyrapon and shock 30 mins before put in mazecorticosterone affects spatial memory o Eg Honey Beesmushroom bodies analogous to hippocampus ans associated with spatial learning foragers have 148 larger than nurses development activated by premature foragingLecture 2Animal Behaviourself generatd movement of either a body part of whole body in animalsComponents of Behaviour fight fleet feed sex social interaction sleep2 things change behaviour1 Evolution across generationsprocess of change in proportion of heritable traits within population over generations o Natural Selectionmechanism for evolution proposed by Darwin traits that confer highest relative reproductive success are passed down and increases frequency over generationsRequires variation different traits some advantageous fitness consequences ability to mate more or live longer and heritability pass down to offspring o Eg Galapagos Finchesdry weather favours large seeds and thus large beaks
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