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Psych 3A03 (Audition) Writing Assignment I (5% of total grade) Instructions 1. There are two parts to this assignment. You must answer ONE item from each part. 2. Please type your name and MU student ID number at the top of your assignment. 3. Use complete sentences and/or paragraphs to write your answe r. Do NOT use point form. 4. The maximum length of this assignment is TWO PAGES typed, DOUBLE SPACED, using a minimum of a 12-point font with a 1” page margin all around. You may include 1 additional page for references. We will also accept answers that are neatly printed (i.e. not typed) with similar formatting. 5. Writing Assignment I is due at the beginning of class on 21 October 2013. You must turn in a hardcopy of your completed assignment. You are not permitted to email or submit electronic copies of your assignment. You will be docked one letter grade for each day that your assignment is late. Part One – Definition (Maximum Length = ½ Page; Total = 3 pts) Select one term below and write a short definition of that term in the context of this course. Give an example where this term is used in real world applications. i) Interference ii) Anechoic iii) Resonance Part Two – Short Answer (Maximum Length = 1½ Pages; Total = 7 pts) Select one question below and write a short answer for it. You are expected to consult information sources outside of lecture and your textbook. Be sure to provide a complete and proper citation for any references you cite. BE SURE TO SHOW YOUR WORK. YOU MAY USE A CALCULATOR. i) (a) What is a standing wave? (1 pt) (b) What is the net direction of energy propagation in a standing wave (1 pt)? (c) Two loudspeakers facing directly opposite each other emit pure
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