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Paul Faure

Psych 3A0331 October 2012 McMaster UniversityP A Faure Instructions and TipsAssume the speed of sound in air c is 340 ms at room temperature 21C air Assume the speed of sound in water c is approximately 4c waterair The speed of sound in air changes with temperature by c33140607Twhere Tis C air A calculator is not necessary nor is one allowed to answer these questionsFor each question choose the best most specific answer from those given1 1 ptWhat statement about the middle ear ossicles is true a They are freely suspended in fluid b Their function is to dampen tympanic membrane vibrations c The malleus is the smallest bone in the human body d The action of the stapes directly impacts the oval windowe The manubrium of the incus connects to the umbo of the tympanic membrane 2 1 ptWhy is the sound of your voice as heard by you lower in frequency than what someone else hears a You perceive vibrations that travel through your body as well as the airb The sound has a shorter distance to travel to your ears than to their ears c You receive a greater sound intensity than does the person beside you d aandbare correct e bandcare correct 3 1 ptWhich is not a supporting cell in the Organ of Corti a Hair cellb Hensen cell c Dieters cell d Claudius cell e pillar cell 4 1 ptBased on the shape of the envelope of the basilar membrane travelling wave which would you most expect aHigh frequency sounds cause vibration at the apex of the basilar membrane b The frequency threshold tuning curve is a symmetrical U shape c The basilar membrane is stiffest near the round window d The frequency threshold tuning curve is linear e Low frequency sounds cause vibrations in the base of the basilar membrane5 1 ptAuditory hair cells are a found only in mammals b neurons c used to filter particles from the perilymph d depolarized when Cl enters the cell e receptors6 1 ptOuter hair cells have stereocilia that most resemble which letter a Vb L c Y d O e XPractice Midterm Exam IIpage 1 of 1
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