PSYCH 1X03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Inductive Reasoning, Intelligence Quotient, Deductive Reasoning

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Deductive: idea (it will rain) conclusion (ground will be wet) generalization conclusion. Inductive: info (ground is wet) general idea (must have rained) Arch of knowledge: general theory + deductive reasoning facts. Facts + inductive reasoning theories (general ways of thinking) Functional fixedness: difficult to see alternative uses for common objects (candle & bulletin board) Validity: measures what researchers claims to be measuring. Stanford binet intelligence test: diff amount of reasoning for diff versions of age group (intelligence scale) One generalized intelligence behind all others (does well on one test, will do well on all others) Gardner"s 8 intelligence: each type independent from others. Critics: that they were interrelated: person did well on one would do well on most others as well. Iq standardized test comparing results to large sample. Identical twins = higher correlation of intelligence vs. fraternal. Mean scale for iq test steadily increasing (raw score = rising) = flynn effect.