PSYCH 2AA3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Deaf School, Phoneme, Pragmatics

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D: a system that relates sounds or gestures to meaning. Five subsystems of lang: phonology - study of individual sounds in a language (e. g phonemes /k/, /t/, phonemes basic building blocks of lang. Nicaraguan sign lang. deaf school - older kids made a pidgen of sign lang. symbols and then younger children grew into it and turned it into a creol. *when you are young you are plastic and ready to learn lang. [check slides for graph] perceptual narrowing - younger babies can perceive phonemes of all langs. and after. 1yr we begin to specialize in the lang. we have been exposed to (and lose the other ones) english 10-12 months old can no longer percieve the hindi phonemes - hindi. *very young babies can also dscrim. sign lang. But this also vanishes if the baby is not exposed during its 1st year of life.

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