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Rettew et al (2009): meta-analysis(looked at many different studies) of agreement between clinical diagnosis and research diagnosis. Course materials: barlow et al, abnormal psychology, 4th canadian edition. Agreement (kappa) low to moderate for most disorders kappa = . 14 (affective and bipolar disorders) kappa = . 19 (generalized anxiety disorder) kappa = . 70 (eating disorders) kappa = . 27 overall. 20% of the midterm questions will be drawn from the required textbook. 10% of the final exam will be drawn from the required textbook. Studies show - people that take hand written notes do better on test then those that write via laptop. Http://intropsych. mcmaster. ca/psycho2ap3/ - thi(cid:374)gs o(cid:374) here that you wo(cid:374)"t fi(cid:374)d anywhere else. Pdf of course outline lecture recordings lecture slides test materials. Professor does not round up until the final exam, avenue rounds your mark up for every mark you get.