PSYCH 2AP3- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 58 pages long!)

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Textbooks: barlow, durand, stewart & lalumiere. (2015; 2018). 27 overal: samuel 2015: survey of studies comparing reliability of personality disper diagnosis, clinical agreement moderate, clinical reseach low. Abnormality is based of the agreements of psychologists and psychiatrists: pressures to include symptoms as dis disorders in the dsm. Insurance coverage puts pressure on disorders to be listed in the dsm so that treatment can be paid for: e. g. Odd is a mental disorder for children who disobey their parents, but the treatment goes to the parents: e. g. insomnia is considered a mental disorder in the dsm. It"s all just labels for symptoms, we change the names but the symptoms still exist. What is a mental disorder in the dsm-5: everyone can have symptoms similar to anything but that doesn"t mean anything unless it causes clinical distress/dysfunction. Function of dsm-5: diagnostic labels/categories to describe and classify presenting problems.