PSYCH 2B03 Midterm: PSYCH 2B03 - Midterm 2

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Individuals have different views: whether it be about sports or about offspring. The way you experience the world is the most important psychological fact about you. Humanistic psychologist"s job is to seek to understand awareness, free will, happiness and the many related aspects of the mind that are uniquely human. Human system is greater than sum of its parts. Focus on interior, experiential and existential aspects of personality. Person in nature, society and culture not the experimental lab. A philosophy of life that describes what is desirable. The central insight of humanistic psychology is that one"s conscious experience of the world, a person"s phenomenology, is psychologically more important that the world itself. Your particular experience of the world is you construal live your life, including the goals you pursue and the obstacles/ opportunities you perceive. It is by choosing your construal of the world deciding how to interpret your experience that you achieve free will.

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