PSYCH 2C03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Relational Aggression, Electric Shock

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: sexual strategies theory (sst) {*more data supports this} 40x more likely to murder an unrelated male more likely to murder for many more reasons women most often kill their own child vs males, - who are more likely to kill anyone. Aggression may = masculinity gender di erences in reproductive bio. To make sure the child is theirs (maternity certainty) Females less likely to engage in physical aggress. But more likely to engage in gossip/emotional aggress. Gender di s. should be largest during periods of highest reproductive activity. Should emerge when very young and not increase w/ socialization. Run from small (but sig) to very large. Eagly and ste en on why from srt persp. / Appear early and do not increase with socialization to masculine and feminine roles. Peak btwn ages 18 and 30 (sst and not srt) We are agress. b/c of frustration (things interfering w/ your goal) When we are aggress. we tend to get frustrated.