PSYCH 2C03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Attribution (Psychology), Correspondence Theory Of Truth, Impression Formation

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Culture has a role in how we think about dispositional factors vs situational factors. Self-serving attributions success = internal attributions failure = external attributions. Actor-observer bias (when we have both ourselves and the other person involved) explaining other"s behaviours in terms of disposition. But we explain our own behaviours in terms of situation most consistent in situations that make ppl look bad/silly, etc. To preserve our se mechanism? knowledge of the actor. E ects of pov on own behaviour what happens when we see ouresleves as others do? higher self-awareness. 2-factor theory of emotion we deduce our emotional state by assessing our: physiological arousal situation our assessment usually leads to correct attributions. Ex. high arousal + running from a bear = "fear" But: our assessment can also lead to false attributions, thereby creating emotions we might not otherwise have had. Ex. high arousal + ppl laughing = joy" (when it may mean embarrassment)