PSYCH 2C03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Stereotype Threat, Henri Tajfel, El Al

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Realistic group con ict theory competition over material goods leads to stereotyping hostility towards the outgroup harassment of the outgroup enhaced loyalty to the ingroup this can be reversed by making the groups work together superordinate goals. Social categorization leads to competition for self-esteem. Lamyre and smith biased rewards allocations and self-esteem ppl who gave allocations had higher self-esteem {doing something postive for our ingroup makes us feel better} Outgroup homogeniety what is outgroup homogeneity? what is its role in sterotype development? what is its role in stereotype mainatanence? we dont make the e ort to the stereotype. But still thought that everyone from ingroup would do something random. Information processing biases encoding bias - rotbart et al. extremely friendly vs extremely intelligent groups hear a list of behaviours: This women dated boys in highschool but never had a steady relationship . Gender: beliefs about test "females do worse on math tests" ethnicity: asain, white , african-american.