PSYCH 3AG3 Midterm: 3AG3 (MIDTERM)

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Tutorials (40%: avenue discussion (10%, participation (5%, seminar (25%) Introduction to psychology of aging: why study aging, theoretical perspectives, research methods. Stereotypes about (cid:498)old(cid:499) people: how do they affect performance. The study of constancy and change in behaviour through the life course from birth to death. Balte started the research with talked about aging as development instead of decline. Development is a life long process: adaptation to context/ situations, continues even if you are stagnant (not necessarily successful) Development is multidimensional and multidirectional: towards growth, or towards decline, or staying still, fluid intelligence (declines in aging) and crystalized intelligence (maintained in aging, may compensate for decline in one dimension with other dimensions. Development involves both gains and losses: before they use to not discuss gains but wisdom is a gain for example, need loss to develop optimum ex. synaptic pruning.

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