PSYCH 3CC3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Serial Killer, David Canter, Geographic Profiling

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A technique for identifying the major personality and behavioural characteristics of an individual based upon an analysis of the crimes he or she has committed. Most commonly used in serial homicide and rape. Extreme forms of psychopathology sadistic torture and ritualistic behavior. Proposes: help set traps to flush out an offender, determine whether a threatening note should be taken seriously, give advice on how best to interrogate a suspect, tell prosecutor how to break down defendants in cross-exanimation. Process of profile equation (by pinizzotto and finkel: what + why = who, too vague to be useful. Viclas the violent crime linkage analysis system. Developed by the rcmp to collect and analyze information on serious crimes from across canada. Linkage blindness an inability on the part of the police to link geographically dispersed serial crimes committed by the same offender because of a lack of information sharing among police agencies.

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