PSYCH 3CD3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Authoritarian Personality, Social Conservatism, Social Dominance Orientation

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Personality and prejudice authoritarianism and social dominance. We are not aware of our id impulses = repressed. Must be somewhere for the repressed stuff to go = projection on weak out groups: projection: if you are gay and repressing it you. People with more authoritarian parents would have projection going on which makes them hate their out groups think everyone else is gay. Psychometric properties of the f-scale: how well something measures what it is supposed to measure: acquiescent response set: the responses make the responders respond in a certain way. Holocaust: cultures who committed genocide (germany) score higher on the f-scale, low cross-cultural variation: high scores, high within-culture variation: who is most across most cultures likely to be bad within a culture. Nazis vs people who disagreed with the. As children, we are submissive until you are trained otherwise. Rwa: someone who readily submits to the authorities established institutions in society, highly conventions.