PSYCH 3GG3 Study Guide - Null Character, Salso, Critical Period

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Imprinting allowed for the baby animal to imprint on its mother, thus staying safe and fed. Actually imprinted on the first thing that moved but in the eea, this was the mother, so the mechanism was selected for. After wwii, the orphans who did not have a consistent caregiver did not form normal attachments to anyone. In the eea, a child needs a consistently reliable caregiver. Young rhesus monkeys prefer the comfort of a soft furry mother over a wire mother who provides food. With a frightening stimulus, cling to furry mother for comfort. If novel environment, cling to furry mother until ready to explore vs. never explored with a wire mother. Only had wire mother, frequent diarrhea and digestion issues. Food is the primary drive and comfort is secondary. Infant feels secure and can explore the environment. Retreat back to caregiver if they are hurt, scared or disoriented. Calibrates the balance between a child"s exploration and their safety.

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