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Relig 2B03 – Women in Bib exam Notes.docx

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Religious Studies
Tristan Carter

Relig 2B03Tutorial 9102012 82500 AM Whitney Ross UHB124Rossw2mcmastercaSept 18 Tutorial Difference bw lawnarrative Law rules that govern society Narrative is a story can be authoritative Genesis is a narrativeyou have to understand what type of material you are working with so you know what you can get out of itWhy we approach the text from a female perspective Originally scripture was written and interpreted by men whoever now that we are more educated we can approach scripture from a female perspectiveGenesiseve is not mentioned in genesis 1she is created from manconveyed as weakevil when she takes the fruitthe second account of creation tells female as under man as his helperThe bible is still considered authoritative and influential over western modern culture whether you are a jew or Christian or notThe bible doesnt address many issues applicable to women is it still worthwhile to study it from this perspective Exegesis vs EisegesisExegesis to draw out critical explanation or interpretation of a text or portion of a text especially of the BibleEisegesis to draw in an interpretation especially of Scripture that expresses the interpreters own ideas bias or the like rather than the meaning of the textWomen are portrayed as flat not multidimensional for the most part direct or indirect objects that dont develop but simply push the story They exist to serve a male character childbirthSong of Songs st 1 perspective significant ideological meaning love story with a clash nd 2 perspective interpreters have interpreted as a homosexual textheteronormativity the cultural bias in favor of oppositesex relationships of a sexual nature and against samesex relationships of a sexual nature Because the former are viewed as normal and the latter are not lesbian and gay relationships are subject to a heteronormative biasSept 25 Narrative Rewrite Notespay attention to grammar punctuation1000 words9001100 or closerCharacterportion of the text in the titleyou can change the setting but dont change the eventsjust change her perspectivetaking a direct quotation of the text of the speech ex genesis 268Niditch on Genesis 23claims genesis 3 has been understoodOriginal sinevery person is born with sin because of eve and adamshe is trying to show a positive light of eveout of curiosityignorance rather than evilTHEMES IN THE STORIES OF THE MATRIARCHS IN GENESIS Wifesister motif Younger son over the older Initial trouble but ultimate success with fertility Rivalry between cowives Trickery and deception o Genesis 1210Sarah is property traded
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