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Religious Studies
Stephen Westerholm

2HH3Paul Readings 9112012 111800 AMSept 10 Proverbs 13 1012 Genesis 13 1517 Exodus 15 1112 14 1920 Tutorial ThursdaySept 17 Deuteronomy 46 Acts 115 Tutorial Acts 15135Sept 24 Acts 1628 1 Thessalonians 2 ThessaloniansTutorial Acts 17 Acts 9130Oct 1Test October 4 2 Thessalonians 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians 13Tutorial 1 Corinthians 13Oct 8 2 Corinthians 413 Galatians 13Tutorial Galatians 2110Oct 15 Galatians 46 Philippians ColossiansTutorial Philippians 2111 Oct 22 Ephesians 1 and 2 Timothy Titus Tutorial PhilemonOct 29 Romans 1 Understanding Paul 951 Tutorial Romans 1117Nov 5Test November 8 Romans 23 Understanding Paul 5375 Tutorial Romans 32131Nov 12Romans 46 Understanding Paul 77110 Tutorial Romans 51221 Nov 19Romans 711 Understanding Paul 111149Tutorial Romans 81839 Nov 26Romans 1216 Understanding Paul 151162 Tutorial Romans 1411562HH3Tutorial Notes 9112012 111800 AMMatt WalshTAwalshmlmcmastercaActs 18sums up most of ActsActs Author LukeActs 9131acts of the apostlesApostles 12 disciples minus JudasMatthias replaces Acts is picking up where the gospels left off first off Jesus ascends to heaven Apostle one who is sent to spread the Good News Chapter 2Pentecost seven weeks after Passover remembering and celebrating the fact that God gave the law to Moses as well as God fulfilling his new covenant that was written about in the Old TestamentChapters 35 the leaders of the early church performing miracles validating their message by the Holy Spirit working through themthe first followers of Jesus did not consider themselves ChristiansIn Jesus day Jews spoke AramaicChapter 6Aramaic Jews from Palestine Judea etcGreek Jews from Mediterranean and everywhere else Deaconsservant Chapter 9Sauls conversion to faith Still remains a Jew no mention of ChristianFollowers of The WaymoralisticJews who believed that Jesus was the MessiahJesusson of Godkingshipanointed Messiah ChristJews didnt believe that Jesus was the Messiah because He wasnt supposed to be crucified he was supposed to kill the enemies claim kingshipGalatians Chapter 1 Paul describing his conversion th September 27Whatserves as an outline for Acts18said by JesusHow does Acts 9 Pauls Conversion direct and show the outline of Acts Pauls conversion is central to the mission to spread the Good News to the ends of the earthActs 10The gentiles were to be welcomed into the church clarifies that the Good News is not just for jews it is for GentilesActs 11 Antioch became home base for Christian missionary activityActs 15 Pauls second missionary journeyActs 17 in the middle of the journey Thessalonica Berea an Athens goes into the synagogueJewish place of worship Paul is arguing from the scriptures see 1 Cor 15 according to the scriptures the foundation of what he was saying is from the scriptures many people thought Paul was a babbler Paul is engaging them showing that his gospel is not just for the jews in the synagoguesPaul was a Roman citizen with moderate education How are people showing opposition to paul in chap 17some sneered at himpeople are trying to use the antiemperor idea against the Christians 67they oppose the idea of Christ not coming as a King but as a servantTEST 1 go over lecture notes associated with readings dont memorize word for word understanding of the passage tutorial differences between Christians and Jews who did not believe Jesus as the Messiah what were some of the implicationshow did it play out something very specific that differentiated jewish Christians from non believers difference between unicles etc internaexternal evidence Phariseemore in contact with everyday peopleclosest to jesus
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