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Religious Studies
Joe Larose

Oct.15.2012 RELIGION TEST #2 – REVIEW NOTES Corresponding readings: Just an introduction to Buddhism – no readings Topics for today Śramaṇa traditions, c500BCE Traditional Buddha biography E. H. Johnson, Acts of the Buddha Śramaṇa traditions c500BCE śramaṇa = “striver” Within Buddhist texts there are lists of six other “groups” of śramaṇas (teacher, followers, and defined philosophy) in addition to Buddhism – amoralists, materialists, fatalists, eternalists, severe ascetics and agnostics some of these schools are also mentioned in Jain and Hindu texts Buddha Biography it is generally accepted that the Buddha was a historical person who lived in the 5 or 6 century BCE (563- rd 483 or 480-400BCE) his partial “biography” is found in texts that appear some centuries later (2nd or 3 century BCE) his full “biography” is told many times in different texts from different Buddhist traditions, texts which date to the first couple of centuries of the common era Buddha Biography What do we know for sure about the Buddha?  we do not know when he lived  we do not know where he was born  we do not know what language he spoke  we do not know where he travelled We know very little about the Buddha, other than what the various Buddhist traditions tell us about him Traditional Buddha Biography his father, Śuddhodana, was the king of the Śakya clan in a city called Kapilavastu his mother, Māyā, dreamt of a white elephant entering her womb from the right side he was born in Lumbini (modern Nepal), a prince in a kṣatriya family he was born from his mother’s right side he was given the name Siddhārtha Gautama his mother died seven days after he was born and Siddhārtha was raised by his aunt Mahāprajāpatī Māyā’s Dream, 2ndcentury [INSERT PHOTO HERE] nd Siddhārtha’s birth, 2 century [INSERT PHOTO HERE] Oct.15.2012 The Buddha’s Youth based on the presence of the 32 great marks on his body, it was prophesied that he would become either a great king (a cakravartin) or a great religious leader his father Śuddhodana was determined that his son would be a king his father kept the young prince sequestered in the palace, surrounded by all luxuries he was married at 16 to Yaśodhar
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