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McMaster University
Religious Studies
Laura Parker

Ancestor workship – Japanese, Chinese, Tibet, etc. – deceased family members can negatively or positively affect their family’s lives Aokigahara – suicide, japan, LOOK UP Atman – idea of true self – Hinduism Aztec death concepts and rites – focus on how you die rather than how you lives, noble vs. Not noble death, fire ceremony every 52 years to start new fire – symbolize birth of son Baby hatch – leave your baby if you don’t want it – Europe, india, one in Canada Bardo-thodol – Tibet book of dead, guide soul after death - aka luminal liberation Bhagavad gita – Hindu scripture, philosophy between prince and lord, important for devotional theism, allows everyone to achieve liberation from rebirth – associated with Gandhi Bhakti – path of spiritual liberation (1 of 3) Bodhisattva- enlighten being who stays back from liberation to help humans Brahman- highest caste, preist, unchanging reality (world soul) Buddhaghosa – Buddhist commentary, 5 centuary Indian monk, wrote 8 meditations on death Calavera – items made for Mexican day of dead, can be skulls or figurines, can be humorous poems Cancer villiages – villiages in China that are located close to industrial areas in which cancer rates are extremely high Cosa de muertos – things of the dead Cree “good death” – see article, 3 main points – 6 things to note? Daishi – great death – zen masters Dalai lama – cheif/teacher- spiritual leader of Tibet – name is also on review Day of dead – note some details, prob only multiple choice Dial-a-monk- in japan, cheaper religious services since japan is so expensive Dowry – brides side to groom, illegal (since 1961?), presents or money, huge burdens on bride family, contributes to female infanticide Fasa – severe malnutrition in Africa Female feticide – ESSAY question – define, why it happens, how its being prevented, mention dowry, boys are valued more, etc. about 6 points Feng shui – system of arranging stuff to balance energy – positioning and time of body, etc. – experts used to determine time place and orientation Filial piety- Chinese, confucianist, respecting parents/elders, some scholars think it is the basis for ancestral worship, children expected to look after parents when theyre alive and after they die Gnat – burning pyres Guei – ghost, comes from PO rather than hun Hara-kiri – stomach cutting, suicide form Hun – Chinese, upper body, soul that is linked to the home and ancestral ___, yang soul Infanticide –killing after birth James Watson – mc questions, not difficult Jiva – individual soul, one that reincarnates, Kami – in
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