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McMaster University
Religious Studies
Liyakat Takim

2Q03 Intro to Islam Tutorial; S EPTEMBER 24, 2013 FATALISM VS. ESCHATOLOGY - The Qur’an came to destroy notions of ‘Fatalism’ - Heaven & Hell; The afterlife; - Shattered the world view; - Gave a sense of accounting; - Dualism; The Qur’an sets up a bipolar dichotomy between two concepts; Falah and Kusran; o Success and Loss; o Zero sum game in terms of the Qur’an; & the day of judgement; o There’s either success or loss; o Success is equated in terms of paradise; heaven garden o Kusran is equated with hell; - Nature of Abrahamic scripture; o Either with us or against us; - Who determines Falah and who determines Kusran; o Deeds; o Faith in one God; o Firm Faith; o Standards that God uses;  Every community shall be judged by the standards set forth by their Prophets;  Community by the ancient past cannot be judged for the new communities;  Judgment  Does not mean much without obedience to revelation;  Belief shouldn’t be left open ended?;  Is it open ended? It is qualified by something?  Salvation pluralism;  Is it possible that faith is determined by the religions that people hold fast to; then there’s no impe
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