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Religious Studies
Stephen Westerholm

John 11 - “So I’ll continue to continue to pretend My life will never end And flowers never bend in the rainfall.” – Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkle) - John translates the specifically Jewish language found primarily in the Synoptics into universal language o Instead of talking about kingdom of God we find language like bread of life, living water, .. things in which Jew and non-Jew can relate o Most universal of terms  issue of life and death - Education was to prevent you from dying – either die young or live old and watch others around you die  reality addressed in John 11 - John 11 illustrates all the typical features in John’s Gospel o I Am saying – absolute and predicated th o 7 and greatest of the Johanian signs – like other Johanian signs, it is also a kind of parable – miracles themselves play the role of a parable though not an actual parable; symbolic of a deeper significance  Light of the world represented by giving sight to a blind man  Bread of life represented by feeding the 5000 o Outsiders say things truer than they themselves realize o Jesus makes statements repeatedly that interlocketers don’t understand - This chapter sums up things we see as characteristic in John Three Underlying Principles - Johanian and basic to our understanding of John 11 1) God is the source of all life o God necessarily has life (was, is, will be), not the only one who has life but others have life contingently; cannot be anything other than God forever o Humans are alive today but weren’t at a certain point / won’t be at a certain point in the future; we are alive but we have contingent life, not necessary life 2) Default position of all human beings is not that they are mortal, but is one of spiritual death o We have life to the extent that awe are connected with / know the source of all life o Our life is derived from him, depends on him o If we are really alive in the Johanian sense we know the source of all life o To fellowship with and to know God is to have life o Spiritually humans are dead already; born of flesh need to be born of spirit o Default position of all human beings is that they are blind and need sight o Default position is flesh, blindness, death 3) The Word / Son of God became a human being in order to bring life to the world o In order to bring light or seeing to the world or being born of the Sprit o Son of God comes into the world to bring life Summary theme verse for John 11 is John 5:24-25: “Very truly I tell you, anyone who hears my word and beliesves who has sent me has eternal life and does not come under judgement and will pass from death to life. Very truly I tell you, the hour is coming and now is. The dead who hear the Son of God will live. st - 1 level: Most literal sense – referring to Lazarus – hears the voice of the Son of God and emerges from the cave - 2 level: When all the dead hear the son of God there will be a general resurrection of those who have done what is right and condemnation for those who have not .. second coming - 3 level: Spiritually dead – default position of all human beings – though blind and flesh and dead can hear the Son of God and come to life Jesus and His Disciples: vs 1-16 - Jesus has left Judea, crossed the Jordan River, to where John the Baptist had been - Hears word that his friend Lazarus in Bethany is sick – word is sent to him by Mary and Martha that Lazarus is sick - Clear that John presupposes familiarity of these names from elsewhere o Luke 10 – Jesus in the home of Mary and Martha – Martha is getting the meal ready and busy with preparations, Mary is taking it easy and listening to Jesus. Martha comes and complains, Jesus says – Martha, Martha, you`re busy about many things but one is essential. Mary has chosen the better part and it won`t be taken away from her  Lazarus not mentioned - John expects people to know this story even though he hasn’t told it  consistent with the view of the early church that John was the last to be written and is a supplement to the synoptics - Sisters send a message “He who you love is ill” o Implied request that is not being stated – similar to Jesus’ mother “They have no wine” o Implicit request becau
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