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Religious Studies
Stephen Westerholm

John 6 - Jesus speaks in parables in the synoptics but no parables in john - The word ‘sign’ is negative in the synoptics, what jesus refuses to do, but is the word jesus uses for his miracles in john - John 6 – we see the use of the word sign, and people do and don’t see these signs - Se one of the miracle stores taken as a sign pointing to a bigger significance John 6:1-4 - In John 5, he was in Jerusalem… but at the beginning of John 6 he has crossed to the other side of the sea of Galilee and is now in Galilee - Break in the narrative – John doesn’t concern himself with chronological order in his writings - Evidence of two different sources being combined, they don’t fit together – one source says one thing, something from another source is put here – doesn’t fit.. combination of different sources - V2: saw the signs he was doing and followed him: he roused the curiosity of the crowds o Not seeing signs and believing Jesus because of them or seeing the deeper significance o They just see the spectacular things he’s doing and want to follow to see - V4: direct connection between the narrative and what was celebrated at the jewish festival o Point that jesus is the fuflilment of all that the OT pointed to o That which the festival that the jews celebrated found its fulfilment in Christ Feeding of the 5000 th - 4 of the 7 signs in the gospel (after water to wine, nobelman’s son, paralytic by the pool) - First of the signs also found in the synoptics – one of the few common stories - A few differences between the story in John and the synoptics: o Synoptics: Disciples approach Jesus with a problem – what do we do with the people John: Jesus raises the problem – where are we going to buy food o Synoptics: Disciples give the food to the crowd John: Jesus gives the food to the crowd o Synoptics: remains were gathered – 12 baskets full John: jesus gives instructions to the disciples to gather the leftovers o John emphasizes the crowd saw the signs, tried to make him into a king - Special emphasis in John: Jesus was made the subject to show he was in complete control of the situation and was carrying out his specific task for the occasion - “When the people saw the sign he had done this is indeed the prophet that has come… jesus retreated” o The crowds see some more significance to the sign and think he is at least a prophet yet still a misconstruction of what he is about, they want to make him king Jesus walks on water - This story is also in the synoptics, common story - Jesus walks out to them says do not fear and calms the storm - This story is different – seems to be no great significance drawn from it, no narrative after like every other story in John - “It is I, do not be afraid” o Greek words, can be translated into “ I am” or “It is I”; either way. o This is connected to the divine name we get in exodus 3 – God appears to moses, moses says who am I to say sent me, God says “ I am who I am, tell them I Am sent you” o Understood that I Am is a divine name – has a deep significance - One of the significant features of John – series of I am statements o Some are absolute, some are predicated o Sometimes I am , absolute  Absolute I Am’s are ambiguous o Sometimes I am, predicated : eg. I am the bread of life, I am the way, I am the true vine, etc. - John 18: they come to arrest Jesus, they ask who, they say jesus of Nazareth, Jesus says “ I am” – does he mean it is I or the divine name  ambiguous - John 8:58 – “before Abraham was, I am”  the unambiguous case, indicates it could be meant this way in the other mentions as well Verse 26 - 50 - John has gathered the people on the other side of the sea where Jesus
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