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Religious Studies
Stephen Westerholm

Tutorial 3 – The World and Its People  Weekly Questions 1) In what ways does the gospel of John make a point that people have a need for God? - Guiding metaphors, imagery, things that humans that come from outside of themselves - Human objects / things point to something greater / a greater need that only God can fill - Living water for those who need something to drink - Comes from a sense of depravation, spoken of in terms of hunger, thirst, darkness - These things culminate in death if not addressed; people are in absolute need of this - Life-giving aspect of Jesus’ work is at the forefront of John’s Jesus 2) If faith is not self-generated, how are people thought to come to faith? - The person come to this faith themselves - Part of being human includes alienation or estrangement from God - Belief is foreign and often people work against it - Freedom to believe and enter into relationship with God because of God and Jesus’ actions - People must encounter God who is the only one who can meet these innate needs and must overcome this alienation - Bringing light to darkness 3) What is meant by saying sin is the opposite of faith? - Sense of Alienation, but once God comes to the person there’s a bringing on of faith - Sin is living in the opposite, living in unbelief - Point made that this isn’t the breaking of the law; the laws are important, but the breaking of laws is more of a symptom of the problem than the problem of sin itself - Those who oppose Jesus’ work illustrate their unbelief and opposition to God’s plan; they reject the truth due to alienation - Crucifixion is the ultimate act of disbelief and unfaith  rejection of faith 4) What is meant by saying that sin is a form of slavery? - People are bound to falsehood due to estrangement from God and they are blind to their blindness - Acting in what they believe to be faithfulness - Unless you know the truth you are not free and are therefore in bondage - Compares this to addiction – chemical and need distorts the way people see the world 3 spheres the Gospel of John is looking at: 1) Cosmological aspect  especially in John 1; not going straight to Galilee; it starts off with the creational, cosmological outlook first 2) Jewish world  Jesus works in a very Jewish framework 3) International Level International level (John 12:20-26) - Implications for Jesus saying this (John 12:20-26) to Greeks: o Jesus is saying anyone can serve him whoever serves.. o He’ snot limiting it to the Jews or specific groups, Jesus refers to whoever comes o A much wider spectrum of people who can be included - John 7:4 – Jesus is shown to the world, specifically THE WORLD not just Jews How does the gospel of John look at the self? - Anthropod = person talked about - Sarcs = flesh - Material vs. immaterial ways of looking at things that was popular at this time - Talks about the soul Our ‘Soul’ Problem - Soul is translated to life in many translations - John 10:17 – For this reason the Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again - John 12:25 – For those who love their life lose it, and those who hate their life in this world will keep it for eternal life - John 13:37 – Peter said to him, “Lord why can I not follow you now> I will lay down my life for you” - Concept of self that we find in the old testament - Nefesh (Hebrew for soul) and suke ? – general ideas of self - Term can denote wider self, - Few different words for life in other languages but only one word in English - Inherent ambiguity when using suke which can’t just be used for soul - Idea that all people need God and the images used are that of depravation which lead to death without God - Point that Jesus brings life and has power over death – raising lazarus from the dead is a sign showing that (Romans 11) - V4: doesn’t lead to death, it leads to glory… but Lazarus actually does die o Doesn’t lead to lasting death  this death isn’t the ultimate end of
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