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Tutorial 6: Holy Spirit  WEEKLY QUESTIONS 1) How in John’s gospel does the Spirit make Jesus known both before and after Jesus’ lifetime? - John the Baptist – received the word previously that they would see Jesus, Jesus would be revealed to him in seeing the Spirit descend on him - The word + the holy spirit’s work that will make Jesus known 2) In what ways is the spirit thought to continue the work of Jesus? - Spirit will communicate for and bring glory to the father - Teach, bear witness to the truth, and expose sin (all actions Jesus had done in his lifetime) 3) In what ways is the work of the spirit distinct from Jesus? - Jesus bore witness to the father through the life he lived and death he died - Spirit is not incarnate - Exposes the truth of Jesus’ life and death but does not replicate them - Exposes presence of father and son to the community of faith 4) How do Jesus’ disciples carry out task of forgiving sin? - Sin is unbelief, so to release them from sin they bring them to belief - Doing away with human alienation - Release people by sharing gospel CONTENT - John + Romans – most important in study of Holy Spirit (pneumology) - Biggest controversy: Filloque controversy: between western + Eastern church o West: HS proceeds from Father and the Son th  9 century from the son considered a heresy o Example of theological construction (Thomas morris?)  Only the father’s existence is primordial and underived  There is hairsplitting language o In John’s gospel: it isn’t the origin that is debated but its actions TRINITY - Many interesting ways to talk about the trinity - Dogmatic sarcophagus (Rome.. 325-350 CC) o Read story by read imagines left to right o @ Genesis: Jesus + Father working on Adam / Even; Spirit is in background - Byzantine Trinity Icon o Jesus + Father shown as people, Spirit is dove - Rublev’s Trinity – representation of Genesis 18 (Russian church) - HS in Greek + Hebrew is female (grammatically female) 3 FUNCTIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 1) HS reveals Jesus for the sake of relationship, fulfilling a social function - Isaiah on the Davidic Rule + Isaiah himself - Isaiah 61:1 – “Spirit of the Lord is upon me”; is it suffering servant? Ref to Luke 4 - Isaiah 11:2 - future Davidic ruler, will be central to what future messiah is - Early Jewish texts o 1 Enoch 49:2-3 (appendum of apocalyptic literature)  Paraphrase Isaiah 11:2 – tha
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