RELIGST 2M03 Midterm: Death and Dying Grade Breakdown

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Death and Dying: Comparative Views
Religious Studies 2M03
Summer 2016
Dr. Sherry Smith
Grade Breakdown
Obituary Assignment 10% - 2 pages
Write your obituary
Think about what you want the obituary to include
You may write the obituary from your perspective, or another’s
Explore alternative obituaries from different cultures
The obituary should be 200-300 words or 1 page
Concluding paragraphs should be 1 page providing reflection on
the following questions:
How did it feel to write this obituary?
What does the final product tell you about how you want to
be remembered?
Does the obituary reflect who you are now, who you are
aspiring to be, or a little of both?
Due on June 30th by 11:59PM on Avenue to Learn
The midterm exam will be on July 7th in a yet to be determined
Essay 35% - 8-10 pages (double-spaced)
APA Citation (capitalize the titles)
Write a detailed account of how your funeral could be observed
Draw on academic resources and incorporate aspects of your
selected cultural or religious traditions studied in the course
You may also include chapters from the text such as Jewish,
Christian, or Muslim traditions
Begin the essay with a short scenario describing the cause or
type of death and initial reactions
Address the following questions:
How is your body treated and disposed of?
Why and where?
Is there a service?
Who officiates the service?
What rituals are performed?
How, why, and by whom?
What kinds of views of the afterlife will be presumed?
How are the mourners to react?
What memorial rites or forms of remembrance will be there?
Focus on the analysis of your choices with the use of citations
of course materials, and other sources
Be professional – this is still an essay – but be CREATIVE
find more resources at
find more resources at
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