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Social Psychology
Karen Mc Garry

SOSPSY 1Z03 - Week 2 Lecture - Jan 16/2014 Work: 2-3 Pages/double spaced Assignment due in 2 weeks. Based on research methods lecture. Due on dropbox. Discussion forums to share notes/idea. Do not discuss assignments on forums. Genie and Socialization: Primary socialization largely absent for Genie - Limited social interactions with parents - Confined to room and specific situations (eg. feeding) - Father was abusive - Limited learning Key Processes identified by social learning theory absent Instrumental conditioning Shaping: gradually increase correspondence between the learner's behaviour and the desired response External reinforcement vs. internal reinforcement Negative reinforcement: got beaten for making noise Internal reinfocement: standards built, desire to meet those standards, satisfaction aquired, "intrisic motivation" Observational learning Genie's isolation meant that she had very little opportunity to observe even basic behaviours, or more complext behavioural patterns (eg. dressing) Genie and language Acquisition Without language, children are unable to successfully undergo more complex socializtion and learn about the values, norms and standards of a particular culture Genie initially demonstrated little aptitutde for the three components of language: - The sound system (phonology) - words and their associated meanin
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