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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Social Science 2P03 feb 242014Profile of the violent school girl FamilyoLargely dual income oWhen we have girls talk about family significantly less value put when talking about family life family is not functional they are not madly in love with their familyoGirls report far less enjoyment with mothers they dont have positive relationship with their mothersoFear being at home and being abused And they have been physically and verbally abused at home oTheme of defiance Girls who smoke and drink they are prone to lying and do not hesitate to be violent at home and ruin propertyPeer GroupsoCliques and gangs of lifestyleoFeel that cliques or gangs are like family and they feel comfortable and have sense of belonging oLot of defiant behaviour within cliquesoSex become part of it but its often view as negative It isnt something naturaloMusic is seen as defiance listen to rap music and violence in the music oDress alike banger cohort serve and look up to the males oGirls find themselves as outcast and they feel at least they have a place here oSkater girls may never outskate the boys oSearch of belonging that they have moved from dysfunctional family to another and peer group is not necessarily better than familySchools and TeachersoWill destroy property when they want to retaliate when teachers have said something that they dont like
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