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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

March32014AdolescentsGetting by oWe have to have reality strategy not attracting too much attention oAvoid outward competition oMove forward step by stepoIf we are gifted we should be quite and just move on oMaybe we are noticed and we are struggling to move forwardoTry to maintain selfesteem confidenceoYoung people try to get by and there can be risk and lack of planning from society and they should be respectedoVery protective of selfand have to make shortterm choices to keep them safeGetting aheadoDoesnt start with get by they start with getting aheadoSome adolescence will have much easier time from identity moratorium to identity achievement oOften involved sacrifice to get aheadoTime and energy oGetting ahead is stepping on someone elses shoulder to do so oif my business succeeds then maybe your business fails oScarcity of resource oRace and gender can be variable oYoung people need to realize trying to get by functionally to get ahead in the long run should not be the best wayGetting together
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