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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Social science 2P03March 242014Adolescence SelfesteemIdentitySelfreflectingSelfdevelopmentoSocial identity connectedness integrating forces that help to establish and maintain relationship with others Individual exists in context of society To Canadian adolescence the society have changedWe had a lot of equality movement Under prime minister Trudo idea of multicultural society we have open boundaries to diverse people Direction is refugees may travel Canada becomes destinationPg102 National virtues they speak to usZero tolerance policy zero tolerance for violence Millenials have been benefited the most privilege in place If asked to go to other places they pick places not because of dissatisfaction of Canada but due to wonderYou expect to marry and find a partner90 you expect to marry80 expected to stay married with same partner for life94 expect to have children45 females and 40 males like to stay home and stay with children This means homebase business grows flexibility of workforce anticipated Maturity and understanding of what family means You want to have conventional family Exposed to cultural diversity through technologyoIndividual identity we are all individual and we all have something special about us Separateness what talents we have and etc you present yourself as you care to be
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