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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

March102014Social science 2P03Teens talk about their sexuality and the sexuality and the sexuality and the adults attitudes and responses1Parents profile2What teens want3Role models4Straight talk5What adults parents say6Criticism of parents adults institutions and society7Teens advice to adultsHomosexuality is something you do not chose It is who you areIs it genetically structured Or is it nurturedGay people refer the term sexual orientation rather than sexual preferenceIf they had a choice they wouldnt want to be gayPeople who understand that they are gay have hard time getting comfortable to themselvesRisk in coming out oYoung girl told her mother and the mother had a nervous break down and make the girl promise that she would not tell her fatheroAlso mother did not behave comfortable especially when she was with her younger sisterWant to advise to adult if your young person comes out to you you should be supportive and give yourself a time to adjustTry to be open and try to see the young persons point of viewDont try to enforce them to tell you When they do disclose dont reject them Dont kick them out of their houseAsk a lot of question of young person Let them educate you of what does it mean to be gay
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