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McMaster University
Sandra Colavecchia

Final Exam Review 4/8/2013 2:08:00 PM Go to: to find your location th Saturday April 20 7-9pm 80 multiple choice questions Not cumulative Do readings more than once (active reading don’t slip into passive reading) Review portions of textbook you have highlighted or taken notes on Review concepts in glossary Review lecture notes and or podcasts several times before the exam (including 24 hours before the exam) Understand multiple choice questions covered in tutorial/lecture/ online, understand the questions There are practice multiple choice questions on avenue that you are advised to work through Don’t neglect your physical well-being while studying Being well rested is important for performance Race and Ethnic Relations: Chapter 13 NS:  Religion: o Questions that sociology can and cannot address o Structural functionalism (Durkheim) o Conflict Theory (Marx) o Symbolic Interactionism (Weber) o Feminist Theory  Attempts to measure religiosity  Level of religiosity among Canadians  Approaches to the study of religion  Person Centred Explanations: o 1. Reflection o 2. Socialization o 3. Deprivation  Structure-centred explanations: o Macro-level o Secularization versus persistence:  A move away from religion Chapter 15 SIQ  Multiculturalism or vertical mosaic?  Occupational stratification among Canadian ethnic groups, Hugh lautard and Neil guppy  Examines whether John Porter’s notion of a vertical mosaic persists in Canada  Lautard and Guppy: o 1. Occupational differentiation (job clustering): declining over time o 2. Occupational Stratification (“good vs bad jobs”): declining over time o ethnic origin continues to affect occupational inequality Chapter 16 SIQ  Tapping immigrants skills, Jeff Reitz  Examines economic outcomes for recent immigrants and offers policy recommendations Objective ethnicity:  Ethnicity as fixed and static Subjective ethnicity:  Ethnic identity as variable and flexible A sociological perspective:  Focus on inequality and power  Social significance of categories of race and ethnicity  Focus on discrimination  Race and ethnicity as achieved statuses  Race and ethnicity as socially constructed  Race as a biological myth Institutional racism:  Discriminatory racial practices built into institutions  3 forms: o based on racist ideas o institutional practices that were originally racist but no longer are o institutions that unintentionally restrict the chances of certain groups New Racism:  Racism has taken on new forms  Impact of new racism is the same: unequal treatment  Prejudice versus discrimination White Privilege: 3 groups facing inequality:  1. Aboriginals
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