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Sandra Colavecchia

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Sociology Exam Review The Sociological Approach: a) Is not scientific b) Suggests that relations we have with other people create opportunities for us to think and act c) Suggests that relations we have with other people set limits of our thoughts and actions d) Leaves the study of personal issues to psychologists e) B and c The study of sociology in Canada: a) Emerged from religious reform movements b) Is conducted primarily through use of statistical analysis c) Has little public policy relevance d) All of the above e) None of the above Durkheim, in his study of suicide, argued that: a) The moral rules of a religion best predict suicide rates b) Suicide rates vary positively with the degree of integration in society c) Suicide rates are higher in Catholic countries than they are in Protestant countries d) Suicide rates vary by religion to the degree that religions have varying levels of integration e) Sociology doesn’t help us understand suicide rates The findings of the Zimbardo prison experiment a) Illustrated how prisoners deserve to be locked away in prisons b) Illustrated how social structures influence individual behaviour c) Were refuted by the findings of Stanley Milgram’s experiment d) Suggested that most people can resist behaving differently than they otherwise would in compelling social situations e) Suggested that only weak or deviant people behave differently than they otherwise would in compelling social situations With regards to movies, sociologists argue that: a) Violent films typically lead to viewers to become more physically and verbally argressive b) The societal-level of influence of movies occurs
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