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Sandra Colavecchia

sociology notes for quiz 2 11132012 93900 PM thOctober 11 2012FAMILIESKEY issues Definitions of families and marriage and implications Application of 4 sociological paradigms Social history of familiesContemporary trends Social policy Defining Families Definitions of family shape government social policy and inform the decisions we make about how to live our lives financial consequencebeing denied government servicesCompassionate Care Program 2004 your child or the child of your spouse or commonlaw partner your wifehusband or commonlaw partner your mother or father your fathers wifemother husband the commonlaw partners of your motherfathergovernment policies are embedded with family expectationsDefinitions and Social Policy Policies that assume financial supportie filial responsibility laws Policies can deter relationship formation assuming men providing for womenwelfare policy weakened families prohibited 3 gen house holdDefining Marriage same sex marriage CHAPTER 18 Society In QuestionA Sociological Perspective Families are socially constructed and change over time and place Inclusive definitions emphasizing social reproductioncaring work involved in families like grocery shopping for your fam jam Structural functionalism Heterosexual nuclear family sexual division of laborHusbands instrumentalrole male bread winner Wives Expressive role care givingThe sexual division of labor is key mean and women are interdependent Talcott Parsons The 5 functions of families economic cooperation socialization emotional support reproduction regulation sexual activitygender based inequalitiesbecause women are dependent on men1960sfeminist rejected structural families Conflict Theory Impact of industrialization influenced by Marx families were no longer units of production but units of consumptionhouse holds become units of consumption Frederick EngelsHIS BOOK NAME Emergence of private property resulted in control over womens fidelity Why Control womens sexuality so mans money goes to their children Marxist Feminist Theory Meg Luxton studying womens unpaid laborMore than a labor of loveFeminist Theory Oakley The sociology of house workFeminist Theory DeVault Feeding the family
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