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SOCIOL 2C06 Midterm: Social Inequality

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Philip Rose

Social inequality Subjective method- asking people their social class, relying on someone else's definition of social class Reputation method- ask others about social class, asking a friend about their social class- based on what you can observe from the person Objective- criteria, income, occupation, education Measuring inequality Property Based on the tangible things people have Indicator of social position/ inequality Income- received annually form all sources Wealth-net accumulated assets People may have high incomes but also may have high depths Occupational prestige Measure of social of an occupation Stereotype someone's classed based on occupation Doctors vs. nurse Lawyer vs. secretary Functionalist perspective What does it contribute to society? How does it help society to function? How does everyone benefit? Davis- more thesis All occupations take dedication and specific trainings Motivates people to fill positions Motivates people to fill duties, responsibilities Reward- financial and social prestige Critique Tends to assume that we start all with the same advantages.. E.g.. Being born into a wealthy family System Is designed for those who are born wealthy Jobs- merit vs. connection- the smartest person doesn’t always get the job, people with connections may have better chances Discrimination- gender ethnicity Wages and demand for labour Conflict theory Conflict , not function as the basis of social inequality Ruling classes naturalize their power- by changing ideas, changing peoples ideas Within class competition for recourses Marx economic production as the basis of classes Interests of social classes incompatible -Social stratification is the embodiment of class conflict Developing class consciousness can allow people to over throw the power holders Weber Its not that simple (Marx's theories) power is the opportunity we have to assert our own will even if others are resisting Capitalism generates this class conflict But social inequality isn't just about social inequality property is part of the equation be unit not just the source of power Yes class is built on social inequality but don't have the class consciousness Status groups Similar social status, lifestyles Occupation, religion, ethnicity Consumption vs.producion as criteria for inclusion Expands the notion of social class r=to another class Party Organizations that attempt to achieve goals via planned legal means Status inconsistencies as a result of different stratification economic inconsistency taxi driver who was a doctor from another country Symbolic interactions Micro How does inequality affect daily life how do people interpret their inequality Veblen Status symbold-msterial evidence Conspicuous consumption Status of purchased items Consumptions lecture Waste production- throw money around just to show you can Feminist theory Dominant male perspective and value Working lives of women in capitalism Class position and worldview Class and leadership preferences Canadian class system How would you identify your social class What criteria would you use Upper class Relatively few in number importance of inherited wealth vs.. Income Lack of visible minorities Reside in elite communities Schooling Marry wi
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