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Lecture Twenty: Representation and Inequality in Mass

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David Young

Representation and Inequality in Mass Media: Explaining the Representation November 11, 2013 – November 21, 2013 Critical Cultural Studies • Cultural Studies: explains the under-representation and mis-representation of less powerful groups – can be explained through the dominant ideology (capitalist, patriarchal, racist) • How is it that ideology got embedded in this media? – Butsch o “No evil minded capitalistic plotters need the assumed” o Butsch argues that we need to turn to political economy for the answer during the production process Critical Political Economy • Critical Political Economy: explains the under-representation and mis-representation of the less powerful groups through reference to economic and political factors that affect the production process • Social Inequality o There is a social inequality in the media production process (economic issue and political issue) o Certain groups do not have control over production compared to other groups o Media production is largely controlled by the capitalist class, men and whites – it becomes easier to understand why the working class, women and minorities don’t have a lot of say in the production of media content  They are not in position of powers in which they can influence the content
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