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Anna Janzen

Fox 1 Exam Review SOCIOL 2Q06 Tuesday April 1, 2014  Exam Review • Multiple choice (75) • 2 hours • Take example and put the term to it (know the term)  WORK: • Labour is gendered in the home and outside and we have different expectations of males and females in the workplace, as well as at home (terminology from text) • Nelson has statistics: don’t worry about memorizing them/focus on trends not numbers • Occupational sex segregation: glass escalator and the glass ceiling • Multiple jeopardies/intersectionality: black and disabled 3 strikes against you: add up to more than 3=multiple inequalities • Earnings: pay, pay equity, capital, chilly climate • Sexual harassment: ties into the work • Differences in work in terms of for example, nonstandard work, part time work, minimum wages, work and parenting, how they overlap and conflicts that come out of those • Whether workplaces are friendly to the family or not • Unpaid work “producing, and reproducing labour” and why its important in unpaid labour • Housework, who does what and why: resource power, and how theyre traded to get work done  SEXUALITY: • Identity formation • Social inequalities • Queer theory: ppl construct sexuality in terms of homo, hetero, etc.  FRIENDSHIP: • Males vs females have different communication styles • Dialectical tensions  COURTSHIP AND MATE SELECTION Fox 2 Exam Review • Assortative mating: marrying up and down, what it means and why does it happen • Emotion work: who does it in terms of keeping a relationship going  MARRIAGE • Resource power thing • Things that impact the rate of marriage • Ago of first marriage is going up /risen into the late 20’s, why it happens • Roles ppl play within a marriage: gender scripts, female= kin keeper • Divorce and changes in the divorce law and gender: broad conception of how perspectives on gender and change and how its reflected in the legal system: men head of household and females lost children, property of husband: joint custody • Role models  POWER/VIOLENCE: • Movie: when women kill: kill theyre spouses: legal defence? • Power in intimate relationships: who has power and how they play out over the long term • Movie: battered wife syndrome: what is it and how is it used as a defence in law?  PARENTING: • Motherhood mystic and motherhood mandate: know each • What is a childhood?: children having a childhood, is more emphasis on parenting/ helicopter parents • Pregnancy changes notions of parenthood/process of giving birth separated from home and family where its staring to come closer=midwifes and homebirths • Mother guilt: employed mothers: tensions • Lone parent mothers • Gatekeeping • Leisure as a family pursuit: mother does everything and cleans afterwards • Outsourcing parenting: children looked after by daycare or someone else while parents are working: no time for parenting • Work: motherhood penalty for women who work, it involved assumptions about a women’s ability to work and capability • Assumption is males have more commitment to a job than women: gender scripts Fox 3 Exam Review • Fatherhood: culture vs conduct of fatherhood (lipservice paid to have fathers more involved in childrens upbringing, but still a long way to go)  HEALTH • Factors affecting longevity • Women have a higher life expectancy • Gap in research that is done: male centered research and models are applied to males/Women may not fit these models: heart attack • Preventative health and lifestyle: eating disorders • Sex ratio differentials: bias towards males at birth and evens out at the age of post teen (equal) • Reasons why there is a preference for male babies: feticide… • AGING: • Life course perspective: career clocks: how career will develop and where they will go and stages of career • Gender depolarization: as ppl get older, more comfortable adopting characteristics of the other gender and how that affects
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